Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning!  I was at the grocery store at 5 o’clock this morning.  Anyone else doing any last-minute shopping?  That’s the time to go!  Before the pandemonium begins…  Just me, my coffee, and my sanity.  😉

Grey and I ran out to a few places last night in search of some of the finishing touches I wanted for our Christmas decorations.  It’s so fun to be out and about together this time of the year!  I mean, it’s fun all year, but especially right now.  I’m so excited to put up our tree on Friday…  we are doing something kind of different with the lights on it this year so I will keep you posted about that!  Looking forward to sharing our decorations soon.

Happy Thanksgiving! {Details Blog}

There have been lots of changes going on around here behind the scenes!  More on that in the next couple of weeks or so.  I have been busy working on creating more intentional spaces all around our humble home.  I’m getting really excited about a project that I hope to be embarking upon soon — our current office (aka dumping ground – ha! Just keeping it real…), which we plan to turn in to our “cozy room.”  Stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving! {Details Blog}

We have been feeling especially blessed to live in this little nest lately.  We both agree that we need to take more time out of our daily life to really give thanks to God and revel in that gratefulness.  Last Monday was our second year anniversary in our house.  This time of the year is so special for so many reasons — and that anniversary is one of them!  This was the house that waited for us, the house that we waited for.  This is the house where we have experienced some really hard things, and some really magical things.  The real ebbs and flows of life.

Happy Thanksgiving! {Details Blog}

This Thanksgiving, I am definitely going to be actively giving pause to the joy in my heart and noticing all of the beauty we are surrounded by.  Our little pup, our families, our friends, more than enough, food in our kitchen, dreams in our souls, love and forgiveness, new beginnings, opportunity, hope, faith, beliefs, goals, the Lord, and the love of an incredible man — these are the things I am thankful for this year.

Happiest Thanksgiving to you!  I will see you back here next week!

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