Faux Fern Vignette

We are almost to Fri-yay!  😉  Have anything fun planned?  We have time with family in the books and a little day date on Sunday that I’m really looking forward to.  Bring on the weekend party time!  And by party time I mean lots of time spent in my pajamas.

Okay…so we need to talk about a faux fern that I love…and before it’s too late for you to go get one for yourself!  I was tipped off by Sherry @ Young House Love about these fake ferns from Target, and the other day while I was perusing the aisles of home stuff, I saw one and grabbed it!

Faux Fern Vignette {Details Blog}

Isn’t it so cute?!  I love that it is potted in a pretty lil white bowl, and the size of it is good!  It is not a small arrangement.  It is a very convincing fake — the person ringing up my items thought it was real before she touched it and was all, “Oh!  That’s not real!”  Further confirming my need to bring it home with me.  😉

Faux Fern Vignette {Details Blog}

I have had those two hurricanes sitting on the coffee table for over a month with nothing but the candles in them — not even the sand.  They’ve been kinda crooked in there, lol.  But I was just waiting for the perfect idea to strike…  That’s usually how my ideas come — all at once.

Faux Fern Vignette {Details Blog}

This tray was a find during my last trip to Sweet Salvage.  Now, usually trays this size are in the $40 range even though they are silver plated.  I won’t pay that.  But this one was marked $16.  It was very dirty and needed a good wipe-down, but I loved the patina on it.  I’m not someone who polishes my silver…maybe every once in a blue moon.  I love the natural patina that it gets and I kind of get a weird thrill over seeing how the metal ages and changes.  Anyway, a great find and it’s in a shape that I don’t already have.

Faux Fern Vignette {Details Blog}

Plop goes the fern.  Most times when putting together a vignette it’s best to start with your biggest item first.  And trays are awesome for vignettes — they’re the anchor.

Faux Fern Vignette {Details Blog}

Faux Fern Vignette {Details Blog}

Originally I had these hurricanes switched around but I quickly realized I liked this staggered look better.  There’s a certain ‘click’ I get in my brain when something just feels right, and this gave me that click.  That click is my jam.

Faux Fern Vignette {Details Blog}

And that, my friends, is the story of the faux fern find of a lifetime.  😉

Happy weekend to you!

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