A Belated Family Thanksgiving

Hi, friends!  Happy Friday.  🙂

I know that most of us are well on our way to Christmas, but I couldn’t go without sharing about our belated family Thanksgiving celebration at my parents’ house.  We had a great time, and we even capped off the night by decorating their Christmas tree together.  🙂

A Belated Family Thanksgiving {Details Blog}

A Belated Family Thanksgiving {Details Blog}

This is the tablescape that I came up with.  The stick runner is an oldie from Target but it comes in handy this time of year!  You’ll recognize those pumpkins from around our house.  😉 I brought them over for the table.  The sunflowers were a gift from my brother’s girlfriend to my momma.

A Belated Family Thanksgiving {Details Blog}

Those napkin rings are also from years ago — they’re from Pottery Barn.  I love them and I usually only use them once or twice this time of year but I’m always thankful that I have them.

A Belated Family Thanksgiving {Details Blog}

Our lil guy came with us and all the pups made for good photography subjects — they’re all so cute!

A Belated Family Thanksgiving {Details Blog}

Wally…lol.  So “regal.”  I didn’t get a good picture of Alvy because he wiggles!

A Belated Family Thanksgiving {Details Blog}

A Belated Family Thanksgiving {Details Blog}

A Belated Family Thanksgiving {Details Blog}

It’s fun to be goofy.  🙂

Have a great weekend!

Our 2017 Fall Decor

Hey, guys!  I hope you’re having a great week so far!  This is a busy one for me work-wise so I’m writing to you late tonight.  😉

How was your Thanksgiving?  We spent the whole long weekend with our families and we put up our Christmas decor together, which was so much fun.  It took a full 12 hours but it was worth it — as Grey puts it, our house looks like a Winter Wonderland – ha!

I realized I never shared my Fall decor, so this post has some photos that I snapped.  Also, when we had a late Thanksgiving celebration at my parents’ house on Sunday I created a fun tablescape so I still have that to share, too.  All kinds of Fall stuff, even though a lot of us are already well on our way to Christmas…

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

I was inspired by a floral arrangement during our stay at The Inn at 410 so that is kind of what I modeled mine after.  This was not easy!  I am kind of a perfectionist and if I’m being honest, I didn’t *love* how this turned out, but at some point I just had to look at it and say, “That’ll do, pig.”  (From Babe, duh).

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

My velvet pumpkins were HomeGoods scores and are pretty heavy and substantial.  They must be filled with beans or rice or something!

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

I purchased a couple of these plush pumpkins and they were from the Target Dollar Spot.  I just stuffed this one into the apothecary jar and sprinkled some pumpkin vase filler around like confetti.  😉

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

This display I loved to look at and loved to create.  The pinecones are all from our trip to Tahoe over the summer and they.are.huge!  I baked them to help them let go of some of the extra sap they were holding onto and my house smelled amazing that night.  The tray that this is sitting on top of is one of my Gramma’s beautiful silver pieces that I have inherited.  I was so excited to use it for this vignette.

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

On our kitchen table, I layered a bunch!  One of my Gramma’s silver trays on the bottom, an oval grapevine wreath, and then a soup server that I snagged from the giveaway pile at my in-laws’ house.  I had this in mind as soon as I saw it so I had to have it!

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

Of course I have to show you one of our contributions for Thanksgiving dinner — this amazing pie that is a bit of a labor of love, but ridiculously worth it.  Grey made most of it — I just directed him.  So worth the time it takes to make it — and worth the calories!  😉

Serving Up Fall Treats

Hey, guys!  I don’t know about you, but I have been using my kitchen a lot lately and it has been glorious.  🙂  I have been having the best time.  I’ve been baking, roasting, testing recipes — it’s one of my favorite parts about the season.  Today I have a round-up of Fall treats that look amazing, including some that we have tried and loved.

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

Apple Crisp — the best, according to Joanna Goddard!

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze

I made this a long time ago and still come back to it every year and think, I should make that again.  It’s SO good and makes plenty enough to share.

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

No Bake Pumpkin Pie Balls

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

Caramel Apple Cherry Pie

This pie is a labor of love but it is WORTH IT.  So yummy, and perfectly Fall.  I have only made it once, but I feel like this is truly Thanksgiving-worthy.  Maybe this will be what I bring!

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

Oatmeal Pumpkin Pie Bars

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

Maple Glazed Pumpkin Donuts

I have a donut pan that I never use…  These are callin’ my name!

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

Spiced Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Serving Up Fall Treats {Details Blog}

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

I brought these to a ‘lil dinner party a couple of weekends ago and they were ridiculously good.  I’ve even made another batch since then and left the icing off so that I could call them “muffins.”  😉  I added a little bit more cream cheese to the icing and reduced the powdered sugar a bit since I like my cream cheese frosting a little more tangy.  I also subbed banana for some of the pumpkin when I made these the second time — very delicious!

What are your favorite recipes for Fall?

Halloween Floral Table Setting

Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week.  It’s been a super busy one for me and I am looking forward to the weekend.  I bet you are, too.  🙂

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

So let’s talk about this table setting…  The ceramic pumpkin has been sitting in the middle of our kitchen table, on top of that tray, with moss and creepy crawlies for the better part of two months.  Inside there is more moss, and three flameless candles that are really cool — they work off of a remote and you can change the color about twelve different ways.  A HomeGoods score, of course.

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

But this table really came together all because of some sad, dying flowers.  Yep.  I purchased some blooms from Sprouts during a grocery shopping trip a couple of weeks ago, and last weekend they were looking mighty d.e.a.d.  But I was actually super excited about their crispiness because I knew they would be the perfect addition to a table setting!  See the way my brain works?

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

So I totally celebrated their death and they were repurposed.  I used my vintage striped blue linens because I do think they look just as good during Fall as they do during Summer with seashells.  They’re transitional napkins…  Fancy.

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

The sunflower just got tucked in between the two plates.  I really like that everything on the table looks pretty dried out… it adds to the spookiness.  🙂

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

This was my Sunday puttering last weekend.  I love shopping my house for things — apparently even dead flowers, lol!  This little space is still making me happy.

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Halloween Table Inspirations

Good morning to you!  I shared a little Halloween table setting inspiration on Monday, courtesy of my mom-in-law ;-), but I wanted to dig a little deeper and find some more fun tabletop inspo.  One of my favorite things to do with any inspiration picture is to really analyze it for what speaks to me.  I take those pieces, and I kind of discard the rest from my brain.  That’s why it’s sometimes fun for me to look at a vignette that has A LOT going on.  I typically don’t decorate that way, but I find the pieces and parts that I like and then do what I want.  😉

Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}


Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}

The Makerista

Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}

Original Source Unknown

Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}

Kara’s Party Ideas

Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}


Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}


Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}

Original Source Unknown

Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}

Camille Styles

Halloween Table Inspirations {Details Blog}

Finding Home Farms

Simple & Classic Halloween Table Setting

Good morning, friends!  Welcome to Monday.  I hope you all had an awesome weekend.  Ours was great and kind of a whirlwind — we had lots of plans every single day.  Sometimes that is fun, though.  🙂  It’s all about balance!

I took a bunch of photos of my in-laws’ Halloween decor a couple of weekends ago and I can’t wait to share them with you.  I thought we’d ease into it with a little Halloween table inspiration…

Simple & Classic Halloween Table Setting {Details Blog}

When my mom-in-law showed me this, I thought it was brilliant!  She bought those paper bats at Target, and then just layered and layered.

Simple & Classic Halloween Table Setting {Details Blog}

She has had those web-like placemats for years, and those made a great base for the setting.  They are kind of rubbery and are really versatile.  A red folded napkin, a red feather, ornate silverware, and simple white dishes really showcase great balance.

Simple & Classic Halloween Table Setting {Details Blog}

Have a great rest of your day!  🙂  See ya back here tomorrow.

Summer Decorating Ideas

Happy almost-Friday, guys!  Today I’m sharing some ideas from my Summer Pinterest board that I love.  I don’t really use Pinterest as a way to copy exactly what other decorators and designers do, more as a way to get myself inspired for the season!  But there are so many beautiful ideas out there and I wanted to share in case you’re looking for some inspiration, too.


Wedding Sparrow

Look closely on that table — can you see the seashell holding the tealight candle?  I think that is brilliant.  So pretty for a table setting — whether simple or elaborate.


Starfish Cottage

I love how just that little bit of textural rope adds such a coastal vibe to this display.  Candles, seashells, hydrangeas, and a tray create this beautiful table vignette.  And the all-white palette is really speaking to me.


Studio McGee

When in doubt, just add a big piece of coral!  Something large and statement-y like that is perfect as a stand-alone (depending on the size) or atop a stack of books.


My Soulful Home

With the silver, I’m sure that you can guess that this is right up my alley.  😉  And I think it must be said that hydrangeas really are the most Summer-y flower, right?  Sometimes just a few seashells are enough.



Adding some fresh (or faux) citrus to your vignette is another way to bring Summer to the table.  It’s really the simplest things for this season.


Pier 1

When in doubt — just add lots of blue and white.  And coral and shells, of course.  Textural elements like sisal and burlap go a long way, too.  And mercury glass!  Another great Summer element that also transitions well to Fall and Winter.


Kara’s Party Ideas

I think this is absolutely adorable, and perfect for a Summer fiesta!  I’ve been trying to find pretty cans like these, though, and I just can’t!  Where did she find such fun ones?!  I’m thinking WholeFoods or Sprouts may be the best place to look.

Instagram Lately

Good morning, friends!  I thought I’d pop in with a little Instagram Lately update.  Follow along here for more.  🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.47.24 PM

Throwback to our Easter table.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.48.06 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.48.35 PM

Textiles cascading from a silver urn.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.49.12 PM

A new little vignette after playing ‘musical lamps.’

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.49.53 PM

Blue and white love.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.50.46 PM

Easter place setting.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.52.16 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.52.42 PM

Spring at my in-laws’.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.53.17 PM

A little bit of organizing…

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.53.51 PM

Inspired ranunculus.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.54.47 PM

Downtown scenes.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.55.19 PM

Spring centerpiece.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Happy Monday, guys!  I hope you had a great weekend.

I’ve gotta be honest — I have officially taken down the Spring decor in our house!  Between seasons I like to allow our house to breathe and the Spring stuff had been up for several months — we do live in Arizona, after all.  I totally get that Spring is just now beginning in parts of the country, but I’ve got my radar on Summer right now (kind of) and I’m beginning to collect things that I see and like for those seasonal vignettes.  I’m finding that each season in our house is so magical!  The house is becoming more full of pretty things that I love and I am enjoying the evolution of our space so much.

I thought today I would share some Spring decorating ideas from our house and also a couple of vignettes from my in-laws’ house (I snapped a few photos while we were over there for Easter lunch!).

Wooden Eggs

This little set-up is on our coffee table, and the only thing that really changes now and then is what is in the center silver bowl.  I’ve written about the treasures on this tray before, and also about the fact that this marble “tray” is actually a super easy DIY project.  I spotted these wooden eggs at Target in the Dollar Spot, no less, and I know that a lot of people probably used them for a craft, but I thought they were so pretty in their raw state.  I placed them inside of this bowl and then arranged the rocks and seashell on top.  I also pulled out a couple of candlesticks and placed an egg on top of each near our TV.  🙂

Spring in the Foyer

Spring in the Foyer Details

This is my in-laws’ foyer, and my mom-in-law always puts really pretty decor on this table.  This year for Spring it is an impressive assortment of apothecary jars, filled with moss, nests, birds, bunnies…  All the Spring stuff.  🙂  The candle holders are super versatile and are essentially seasonless — they go with everything.

Spring Silverware

We hosted my parents for dinner a couple of weekends ago and I set up the buffet table to be Springy, of course, for a little barbecue.  🙂  I layered two different varieties of wrapping paper to create a table runner (my favorite easy entertaining trick! — see other tables here and here) and I tried to match one of the wrapping papers to the napkins — the colorway ended up being super similar so I was a happy camper.

Plates and Flowers

The plates matched really perfectly, too.  I layered these plates on top of a cake platter with Easter “grass” to give the table some needed height.


I have been treating myself to Trader Joe’s flowers weekly (my trade-off for no fancy coffee drinks) and this pitcher is from HomeGoods — perfect for a big bouquet of just about anything.  I used a smaller bud vase for additional flowers that didn’t fit in the vase, and that little arrangement is now next to my side of the bed in our bedroom (which I can’t wait to show you this week!).  I have about eight of these bud vases and every time I think about getting rid of them because they take up space and I don’t use them super often, I end up needing one and I toss that thought right out the window.  😉

Egg Wreath

This is just a brilliant way to use a wreath, in my opinion.  This is at my in-laws’ house and this glass hurricane gets updated for each season.  Isn’t it funny how certain spots in our homes are areas we just naturally gravitate toward for seasonal decor?  I love that.  This little vignette is super pretty, not at all fussy, and best of all — easy to put away at the end of the season!

Is your home still decorated for Spring?  What is your favorite way to decorate for the season?

Easy Hostess Gift Idea

Happy happy Friday!  I hope you have fun plans for the weekend.  🙂

Just popping in with a quick and easy gift idea.  The time for impromptu get-togethers and outdoor dinner parties are upon us, as is Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, July 4th, etc.  I never like to go to someone’s house empty-handed, whether that means bringing a bottle of wine, a side dish/dessert, or a little gift acknowledging my appreciation for someone else’s effort.

We had Easter at my in-laws’ house this year and I wanted to bring a little something for my mom-in-law!


I purchased the succulent from Home Depot, and these little bucket tins are everywhere these days.  😉  Check the Dollar Spot at Target and I guarantee you you’ll find a few, and in different colors, too.  I just transferred the succulent to the tin, then found some fun ribbon I liked in my stash and hot glued a dot in the back, and a dot on either side, then tied a knot.  The bunny “tag” is actually a banner (that has made an appearance here and here) that I have been using throughout the season for little gifts like this.  I still have one banner tucked away in my Spring bin for future use, but I figured I could spare one in the name of simple crafting!  😉  I just cut around the bunny in an imperfect oval shape and made a little hole by poking my scissors through the burlap, then tied it on.  Super easy.

I hope you have the best weekend.  It really is the little things, isn’t it?!  🙂  I’ll see you back here next week!